Hello there fabulous creatures, welcome to

The Girl’s Spot: written by self-defining women, for everyone!

The G-Spot began back in November 2013 during a coffee-fueled conversation between myself (Fia) and one of the most incredible people you could ever hope to meet (Floss). Together we decided we wanted to set up a writing space for all self-defining women. We wanted the blog to be a place to share opinions on fashion, sports, gaming, politics and gender, to comment on an article you’ve read, or to share your favourite recipe! The beauty of THE G-SPOT is it allows a hugely diverse range of women to write, making an interesting blog for readers, no matter where your interests lie.

Both Floss and I graduated from University in July 2014 and went on our separate adventures in ‘the real world’… Floss has since become a hot-shot London PR girl with her own AMAZING blog, and I have landed myself a job as a Maths teacher at Guildford College and am now running The G-Spot on my own (my own blog entries are called Feministy Shit and live here, on The G-Spot 😀 ).

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you want to write about ANYTHING for the blog. I’d love to hear your opinions and articles so do contact me at:



Via The G-Spot’s Facebook page!

You can be a regular contributor, or a one off ranter, either way, I’d love to have your words!

Happy scrolling  –  Fia x

Embarrassing bathroom selfie feat. face

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