A realistic love for your body shape

I am going to get straight to the point. The idea for this article spun from seeing too many women self-inflict poor style on themselves day to day. We aren’t going to look good in every item of clothing; it’s an unfortunate fact of life that you are going to fall in love with clothes that look fabulous on the models and mannequins in store, but will look horrendous on you. And it’s because, frankly, you are too curvaceous or have a flat chest or your shoulders are too broad.

I am probably going to be met with gasps of horror; readers in shock and disbelief at how someone could be so cruel regarding body shape. Love your body; be happy with your body.

But I believe that too. If you want to eat ‘till your heart’s content: do it. If you want to exercise three times a day, every day to burn off that Kit Kat you had at lunch: go for it. This article isn’t about picking on people for being ‘too fat’ or ‘too thin’; it is an attempt to get women to be realistic about their body shape.

I am not a perfectly-shaped woman sat behind the comfort of a keyboard, not at all. I have body issues, just like every other girl (and boy) on the planet. I have my days where I hate my hips for not allowing me to look as rock chick in a t-shirt dress as so many straight-shaped girls do. You can be as happy and comfortable as you like with your figure, but at some point in your life, something about your body will piss you off. This is normal. We are humans; humans who have ‘man shoulders’, cellulite and one boob bigger than the other. There is nothing wrong with having our individual-shaped bodies, it’s not a flaw. But it must be dealt with correctly.

I just revealed my curvy shape. I have boobs and a hell of a butt. I used to hate them. But now, with the right clothing, they are my assets. I used to get so angry (and sometimes still frustrated) that my top size is a 10 not an 8, simply because of my boobs. But I know now, that if I try to squeeze into that size 8, I’m not going to look good. Similarly, just as much as everyone doesn’t want camel toe, it’s not a good look to have your bum seeming as if it can’t breathe, just because you wanted a smaller size of jeans. I can now say that I have no anxieties about picking up a larger size for my trousers, shorts and skirts as I know that it’s going to look better. Forget the number written on the label: cut the label off, because it doesn’t matter what it reads, as long as you look good.

With a larger behind, you have to be careful with trousers and shorts as some of them will make you look like Beyoncé, whilst others will be your worst enemy. Your bum needs to held and accentuated, whereas a lot of cigarette and slouchy trousers end up making your bum look big, flat and saggy. Not what you want.

It’s the same with a flat chest. So God didn’t deal you the hand of a good cleavage. You’ve cried and wallowed and now it’s time to fix the problem. No, the answer isn’t a boob job. Unless you want to, of course. But there are cheaper and less painful options. You need the right tops. Firstly, a push-up bra is your new best friend. Half the girls whose figures you mournfully long for have a lot of help from good lingerie. Secondly, it’s out with baggy tops that will hide the little that you do have in a sea of creases. Ruffled and pussy-bow blouses are definitely for you, creating the illusion of more being there. For a night out, again, a dress that holds your breasts will always be flattering. On the other end of the spectrum, a friend of mine is very gifted in the chest department, but chooses to wear notoriously…trashy dresses; the type that are bandage Hervé Ledger-esque but leave nothing to the imagination. Being so tight, the boobs tend to ‘spill’ out and over. The worst look ever.

So you see: it isn’t about what your body shape is, it’s about how you dress for it. It’s a sad truth that you will never be able to get away with some trends and fashions, but there will be plenty that you will rock with such style and because it will fit your body shape better, it will make you feel better. Feeling more comfortable equals confidence and that is the secret ingredient to every good look. So go to your wardrobes and get rid of those items that you wish you could wear but you know aren’t the best choices for you. Then you can make room for everything that will flatter and enhance your body shape. Love your body; be happy with your body, but also give it a chance to look good by wearing the appropriate cut of clothes.



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