Hello all!! Sorry it’s been quiet over here for a while: with both Floss and myself rejoicing at getting 2:1s (martini, anyone?) in our degrees, we have been out celebrating/starting new jobs/job searching… But behind the scenes a fantastic idea has come from one of our readers – why not set up an Agony-Aunt type column?

Obviously this is one of the most fabulous ideas EVER, and we couldn’t say no to it!

How will we be doing this? Well, we’ve been putting together a group of women to read various situations submitted by absolutely anyone (including you!), and forming some well-rounded, varied advice from a decidedly fresh, feminist perspective. Further to that, we’d like to see comments from the public giving any useful advice they may have.

So this message is a call for any personal problems you may have and we will give you the best advice we can! If you have an issue you’d like us to discuss, please feel free to get in touch through our Facebook page or our email . 

The identity of the contributor and all those involves will, of course, be kept confidential – no real names will be revealed.

Fia x


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