Feministy Shit

Casually finished a maths degree last week (well, excluding possible resits). I’ve also been applying for jobs. And my twenty-first birthday is next week. That’s too grown-up sounding for my liking. Someone want to take me to play on the swings later?
My favourite form of procrastination, as ever, is clicking on billions of links to feminist articles. While there have been many worthy of a ranty article from myself I have, for the sake of my own happiness/sanity, decided to go with something much more positive.
Fia x

Part 5: Monokini 2.0

‘Monokini 2.0 is a social art project that re-examines popular culture’s narrow view of a woman’s ideal appearance.’ I was already sold. Pretentious, art-loving Fia thought this was a great idea and wanted to read more about this fantastic overlap between her passions of feminism and ART.  I continued reading…

‘The artistic director of Monokini 2.0 is the [Finnish] art duo Nutty Tarts.’ Now they’re just teasing me. The artists behind this rather obvious ingenuity are called Nutty Tarts, could this get any better? Well yes, and it does.

‘We strive to expand what is accepted and considered beautiful by designing a swimwear collection for women who have gone through breast cancer. Swimwear is conventionally designed for women who haven’t suffered a mastectomy. The fact is that many women who have had one breast removed due to breast cancer don’t wish to have breast reconstruction surgery, they wish to continue their lives with one or no breasts at all.’ Now you appreciate the awesomeness.

The website features the images of breast cancer survivors  all of whom have undergone mastectomies whilst forgoing breast reconstruction surgery, all modelling various swimming costumes designed for said survivors.

The project was inspired by Elina Halttunen a survivor and passionate swimmer, Elina found herself struggling to find a swimming costume that was stylish and practical. Swimming costumes with prosthesis proved uncomfortable for Elina, and why should she have hide her scars? Elina then designed her own swimming costume to suit her and the inspiration continued.

Elina Halttunen: the muse.

Obviously one of their main aims was to give these women something super awesome to wear on the beach, but they also have another, feminist and all-kinds-of-awesome aim:  ‘Seeing an exposed breast is considered nakedness, but why is exposing no breast also considered nakedness?… It had to do with more than what to wear on the beach. It was about a changing culture throughout all society, about freedom and emancipation.’

At this point I’m going to include some pretty pictures (yay, pictures!) and a link to the website, because it really does speak for itself. All I have left to say is that I hope to see more projects like this in the future: after all, who says you need two?





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