That. Dress.

Today, I love fashion because CAMERON DIAZ.

At the London Premiere of ‘The Other Woman,’ Cameron Diaz (well, probably her stylist) did perfection, I tell you, PERFECTION. This outfit cured my hangover; I gave it a round of applause when I saw it. In my imagination, her stylist walked into her room handed her the dress said, ‘I’m a genius. Congratulations on hiring the best stylist in the world,’ and left.

Photo by PA Photos.
Photo by PA Photos.

And now, after all that hype, you’re a little disappointed aren’t you? Were you expecting a fountain of chiffon? Sparkles? At least a dash of colour? Well let me explain.

This is possibly the perfect little black dress. Or at least, the perfect little black dress for Cameron Diaz. It showcases her phenomenal legs, frames her petite figure, looks really smart, isn’t too fussy. It would be boring but, then, the leather. Oh the leather. I’m in a moral dilemma because I like cows, and the idea of wearing an animal’s skin on top of mine starts freaking me out if I over-think it, and ETHICS, and ANIMAL RIGHTS, and COW, but… That. Dress. I think I’m so obsessed with it because it is a taboo. I can’t help but feel like wearing leather is, on some level, definitely not okay. It’s not okay. Which is why I’ve fallen for it. It’s a beautifully made dress but, more than that,  it’s pushing at my boundaries, my buttons, I can’t stop thinking about it and that’s what fashion should be doing.

Regardless of the ethical issues surrounding the dress, you cannot fault the styling. It looks so effortless. Timeless. Her hair is simple. The shoes are fantastic without trying to steal the limelight. She didn’t wear any necklaces that would detract from the dress, there was no clutch, no crazy makeup. There was just a confident, talented woman wearing a freaking amazing dress basking in the glory of her own awesomeness. She owned it.

Thank you, Cameron Diaz, to you and your stylist for curing my hangover with your fabulousness. Thank you to The Row for creating a stunning dress that reminded me exactly why I love fashion.



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