Too Glam For Campus?

It’s been brewing. But here is my very simple response to THAT Daily Mail article, accusing Lancaster University students of ‘each’ spending (as in, we ALL do this) £1109 on beauty products every year.

Well, you know what…here’s what I have to say.


Really though, who actually cares? I mean yes, most of their facts are inaccurate, the accusations false and ultimately we are fired up by that. But why does the Daily Mail feel the need to scrutinise our spendings? If I spent that much money on anything in a year (aside from food/living costs) I’d think it was excessive and wouldn’t want to know. But for me this really boils down to the point that actually, it’s our money, it goes where we want. If I’m tit deep in an overdraft because I wanted to look good then who’s business is that? Mine and it’s therefore my problem, and if I have to be the one to cut back and not buy anything for a decade or three to pay it off then so be it.

I genuinely believe feeling good about yourself is a surefire way to be productive. If I wake up in good time, shower, put on some clip-clop boots and a top I always feel good in then I can tell you here and now that I will get more done than if I feel I look a mess and don’t make it out of the house. If you want to spend a grand on make up and LUSH products to make yourself feel gorgeous and therefore have a good self esteem making you confident, positive and productive, then girl, you do that. Spend it ten times over. Life is too short not to and if I died tomorrow, the Daily Mail can know I died smelling darn good, with a  slick of Essie nail polish and that L’Oreal mascara I always want in my stocking.

If that counts as vain then, really, vanity ain’t so bad.



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