In style and out of fashion

Who is that one person you recognise when you walk around campus? You know the one I mean… You don’t know their name, you’ve never been introduced, yet you’ll happily point them out to your friends as that person whom you see everywhere. However, looking at this statistically, you are at a university with over 12,000 students – it’s pretty safe to say that you actually may have about ten ‘everywhere’ people and you only notice and recognise one of them. So ask yourself this: what sets that one person apart?

I’m not talking about fashion sense or good looks, your ‘everywhere’ person could be someone with a glorious beard, lots of piercings, or a penchant for hats. None of these people necessarily have perfect ‘fashion sense’ as such, so what sets them apart in the line up of those other people you walk past every day?

The best answer I can give is style.

Style is the confidence to grow that beard, get those piercings and wear those hats. This is, of course, to be taken with a pinch of salt… Not everyone can grow, let alone pull off, a magnificent beard, piercings are definitely not the way to go if you’re scared of needles and other people will suit baseball caps as opposed to trilbies. Style is not about staying on trend, following fashion magazines and only wearing designer clothes. It’s just a matter of finding that ‘thing’ which suits you and makes you feel more confident, and playing on it. If you can’t think of your ‘thing’, then experiment and try to find it.

For example, noise makes me feel more comfortable and confident and it is for this reason that I always seem to wear a pair of rather noisy Chelsea boots. They’re nothing special to look at – plain black with a small wooden heel, they are without buckles or pointed toes – but when I walk in them they have a certain clonk, a charisma, a charm. To me, those boots are my sound and they make me feel at ease with myself.

Fashion is following while style is developing it to make it your own, so don’t be afraid of the retro or mixing and matching different fashion genres. If you’re a fan of sweeping, lady-like skirts, why not try contrasting them with a pair of military boots or a band t-shirt?

Style is the bit that you have added to black top and jeans that you only wore because you haven’t had your chance to do your laundry yet, style is your signature on the piece. After all, in the words of Coco Chanel, “Fashion changes, style remains.”



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